Saturday, July 13, 2019

new look

Belter 49th Edition, Eve-O 5.0.0 & UI iteration
Red Letter Day

Since October, when i resubbed after 2 years hiatus, i've still been a part of that group i talked about last post.
I really lucked out with them...they've brought stability to low sec, specifically the areas i tend to call 'home' (albeit not fua constellation; i doubt we'll expand into there's pretty garbage as far as moon goo)

So...the new look. Well, first off i have "eve-o preview" to thank for that, otherwise i'd still be 1024* resolution and cascading windows - which forced me to have certain windows in certain spots on my UI which really played havoc with pretty much everything aesthetic and efficiency was shitty.

It's taken me this long to get rid of bad habits, visa vis the UI layout.

now the overview and local chat are huge compared - something i long envied the pvpers for, with my crappy resolution and cascading constraints.

now my customized overview settings have grown by leaps and bounds, with a dedicated chat channel ingame for my patchnotes, "lowsec overview"

eve-o preview, once mastered, is a boon for multiboxers like myself, who rely on one monitor (and a laptop. yay...if i could only teach my wife how to mine asteroids) you can see in that screenshot i have 6 paid accounts munching away at a huge spodumain field.

i have a youtube channel with uploaded playlists. it's interesting how my window UI layout has improved dramatically over the mk1, mk2 & mk3 versions i have uploaded by now.

Friday, October 12, 2018


about a month ago i resubscribed. why? *scratches head* it had been 2 years, and i had extra cash on hand. Cost about $200 CDN for 3 months for 4 accounts. That seems like alot but the motivation to go home to play over say going out drinking beer and scotch is saving me ALOT more than what i spent on the game. lol. that's like preventing me spending $25-50 an outing, so if it prevents me from spending $25 eight times in 3 months it's paid for itself. lol

i call eve online "a screen saver with a built in chat function"...i recently read a dev's comment about eve "welcome to eve. here's a rubix cube. go fuck yourself"

on that note, here are the new things since my hiatus that i'm pleasantly surprised by:

  • interesting recruiting videos in the stations. love it.
  • not sure about the silly plex breakdown.
  • definitely like the estimated price column in Assets window
  • ouch! almost a million isk jump clone fee? (might be an old thing)
  • no skill clones? (i think i remember that changing before i went on hiatus)
  • i wonder how many new items?  there's the porpoise new ship, other than that?
  • ammo loading now does the cooldown after loading the next round
  • omg new type of sound notification for full ore hold?!?!
  • moon mining sounds effing sweet for low sec mining
  • i love the new "balance" popup for wallet during any transaction
  • the new 'higgs anchor' rig is YUMMY
  • omg the fittings simulator!?!?!
  • drones on the endurance!?!? yes please!!!
  • new upwell structures allows one to circumvent jump clone cooldowns*
  • there's a new button next to 'dock' that opens up your items bay while in space
  • market ticker customizable
  • there's actually a new tab for mining ledger on the eve hud. wow
  • instead of captain's quarters it's now view outside station (not for npc tho. boo)
i think the first thing when i got back was get R&D cores from my research agents for my mains. traded them to alliance members for quite a pretty penny.
I kept an activity log of the major things i was doing on a daily basis, mostly housekeeping duties and gearing up teams of transports and mining ships across my usual stomping removing assets from places i really didn't go at all.
september 10th.  
grabbed my blockade runners from omam and went to ahala to pick up my ore mackinaws. 
sent senes to amarr to grab missing federation navy AB (cheap compared) and to find the best courier frigate (probably still amarr std frig)
september 11th.
went and got not only 3 endurances and kit but also 3 prospects, which seem to be better at ore mining 
sent everyone to grab stuff from arera back to bash
bumped an IAC "DD" crew in bash and scared them off...even spotted janus1 and 2, plus iac botting alt
preparing to send everyone to grab carthum database RP loot (looks like 2 years = 100k points each char * agent number)
sold all the datacores to alliance for 1billion
went to jita and grabbed prospect gear for low sec then everyone headed up the omam pipe to menri
between then and there looks like i concentrated on porpoises and expedition frigates
sept 24th
bought alot of expensive skillbooks at ney for minorfreak+seneschai, fueled by selling isotopes and fuel blocks
oct 4th
bought an occator plus gear (ended up having a DST for everyone at amod SOE)
oct 5th
reprocessed all my POS crap
sold all 4th tier PI crap
moved any capital construction stuff and minerals to amod SOE
geared up my deep space transports for low sec gate burns
sold mega surplus gear from amod that had become lucrative
sold some dysprosium from past siphon activity
bought a bhaalgorn, legionx2, scimitar, and a deacon
oct 7th
trying to figure out why, on oct5th, i bought some stuff that majorfreak now has in keri (by mistake obviously)
 -- ah, that must be for the occator! actually, senes' gasavak occator needs gear switch too
i might as well get the last siphon thief alt's dysprosium as well to afford that stuff, at jita
ended up doing more housekeeping after i got home - basically getting gear onto stuff i missed for 3 hours. lol
*old style gear on the expedition frigates in menri

My biggest changes were to leave Bashakru's ice field, cut my ties with ihavetenfingers, and join a low sec pvp alliance that i'd made friends with two of the members - mostly interacting with the carebear side.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

eve-o preview (how to hotbox right)

okay, so without too much preamble, here is my most current eve-o preview desktop layout vs my cascade technique. In my cascade version, i'm forced to use 1072 resolution (the smallest eve offers) whereas the eve-o layout gives me latitude to enlarge my resolution and play with zero cascading.

Eve-O frees up my actual gameplay layout in that i'm not forced to keep critical info panels all jammed up into the small area visible in cascade mode (like the overview, and local), plus a larger resolution means i can enjoy the aesthetics of the game more.

besides the ability to avoid overlap (cascading) the corollary to that is i find the ability to spot my flashy chat rooms very cool indeed.
The other thing i noticed was the lack of worry of clicking on the wrong thing while switching active window.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

step by step planetary interaction setup

  1. First i fly to a safe spot and cloak up. You can do multiple planets from one location while cloaked.
  2. Second i plunk down my command center and upgrade to maximum (it'll only cost more if you upgrade by degrees)...I do this right away without moving the planet around - Just zoom in and plunk down. Hit submit
  3. Third i place the rarer commodity's extractor first, whilst making sure i'm not too far away from the more abundant commodity's hot spots...I place them smack in the middle of the hotspot, assuming i need two commodity types that will combine to make a tier 3 item. Say like oxides (the one in the above picture example on a gas planet.) Hit submit
  4. Fourth, starting from right next to the rarest commodity extractor, i place 2 basic, 1 storage facility, then 2 basic angled away then 2 advanced and 1 spaceport forming a "Y" with the second set of basics pointing towards the other extractor...I then create links between them in a chain (this saves pwr by using the diameter of the industry to save on link lengths, plus gives a visual guide to everything.) Hit submit
  5. Fifth, i balance the output of the two extractors...Set the duration/size of the extractor heads to 5 days...Don't bother adjusting the head locations much beyond their default...Just make a simple pattern like the one in the picture.
  6. Sixth, i begin the reaction sequence by routing the extractors' 'products' to the storage facility...Then the schematics for the advanced facilities with the route to the spaceport...Then the basic schematics routed to the storage facility. Hit submit.
  7. Seventh, click on the 'routes' icon of the storage facility and adjust the 'quantity' column to sort high to low...Start routing the tier 1 items to their respective basic industry facilities...Then adjust the column to sort low to high...Route the tier 2 items to the advanced facilities. Hit submit.

stick a fork in it, it's done
sometimes i switch between routing the extractors' products and the schematics, in the sequence, but it still works just fine. let me know how you do your setup if you like.

EDIT (dec23rd'14) - i decided a week's duration is much better than 5 days

Saturday, December 6, 2014

CEO 101

fresh recruits can:
  1. see combat loss mails (even ones to npcs), 
  2. send and read corp evemails, 
  3. copy and create corporate bookmarks, 
  4. see corporate fitting management, 
  5. see corporate contacts (standings), 
  6. view corp mates locations on map (if in space only), 
  7. see locations of all offices, 
  8. ability to put items/ships into any corporate hangar, 
  9. view a member list showing last known logins (how many hours ago), 
  10. shoot any corp member without any repurcussions from CONCORD (and even be remotely repaired by a third party outside of corp without said pilot being flagged), 
  11. be able to view and engage in corporate chat window without moderation.
quite powerful as you can see.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

An experiment in planetary interaction

So i got a few mobile cyno jammer structure BPCs i want to take to production.
Broadcast Nodes (biocells, silicate glass, supertensile plastics, microfiber shielding, polyamarids, transmitters)
Organic Mortar Applicators (Oxides, Coolant,, consumer elect., micro organisms)
Self-Harmonizing Power Core (Silicate Glass, Rocket Fuel, microfiber shielding, enriched uranium, polyaramids, gen.enhanced livestock)
Sterile Conduits (Water, Construction Blocks, Miniature elect., livestock, viral agent)
Wetware Mainframe (watercooled cpu, coolant, consumer elect., nanites, livestock, construction blocks, test cultures, synthetic oil, fertilizer) guidance systems (watercooled cpu, transmitter)

so that's biocells, silicate glass*, supertensile plastics, microfiber shielding*, polyamarids*, transmitters*, oxides, coolant*,, consumer elect.*, rocket fuel, enriched uranium,  gen. enhanced livestock, construction blocks*, miniature elect., livestock*, viral agents, watercooled cpu*, nanites, test cultures, synthetic oil, fertilizer. [23 unique tier 2 items, plus water and bacteria (tier1)]
biocells = barren*
silicate glass = lava+gas
supertensile plastics = ice*
microfiber shielding = terrestrial + lava
polyamarids = terrestrial+gas
transmitters = lava/plasma*
oxides = gas*
coolant = storm* = barren*/plasma
consumer elect.= lava/plasma*
rocket fuel = storm*
enriched uranium = plasma*
gen.enhanced livestock = oceanic*
construction blocks = lava/plasma*
miniature elect.= lava*
livestock = oceanic*/terrestrial
viral agents = ice/oceanic*
watercooled cpu = barren*/storm
nanites = barren*
test cultures = barren/oceanic*/terrestrial
synthetic oil = storm*
fertilizer = oceanic*/terrestrial

compare that to making fuel blocks [4 unique tier 2 items, plus water (tier1)] using barren, storm, plasma planets

So how am i going to start? well, i figure since all but one of the tier 2 planetary materials are being used as ingredients...why not make ALL?
ice supertensile plastics
gas oxides, polyamarids, silicate glass
barren, watercooled cpu, biocells, nanites
plasma.  transmitter", consumer elect", construction blocks", enriched uranium
oceanic gen.enh.livestock, livestock, viral agents, fertilizer
terrestrial  microfiber shielding, polyamarids
storm  rocket fuel, coolant, synthetic oil, test cultures
lava silicate glass,  miniature electronics, microfiber shielding

So it boils down to having 5 characters each with 5 of the big producing planets? honestly, i'm going to need lvl5 consolidation?

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Anatomy of a spai (vivisection)

A long time ago an applicant to corporation lost a mission ship to a pirate in Naguton during the recruitment process. At the time i was concerned not about the lost ship as much as the location. Something about the location sparked an intuitive suspicion this recruitee applying to corp was a troll (hoping to get the new CEO's blood pressure to explode) and for almost a year i've been patiently watching Devatio and Ni Kao (along with any alts connecting the two via employment records, including alliance at the same time, or dodgy killmails)

 The links have been very tenuous for a direct link to spy alts with Devatio (who gained entry to my corp) but have been growing more solid over the months to Ni Kao. Below is my notes on Ni Kao
devatio's killer in naguton

Sent: 2014.07.19 00:07
I've found your sleazebag.
He is at Sukirah IX - Moon 7 - Kaalakiota Corporation Research Center station in the Sukirah system, Mobit constellation of Domain region.

right when shoryn decides to finally start ice mining - after i begin going on hiatus for shogun 2 in a serious way
matt mccullough paradiso alt?
Alex Olenard ... Madeleine Stoneheart alts?
Les Routiers alt? (oh...helloo...possible grade now. 9 min spread)...upgraded to probable!
aphex window ... Bakuhz alts?
Morgan Davaham alt? upgraded to possible*
eneman81 alt?
Sara Schwade alt? upgraded to possible*
Dutch Marsden alt? upgraded to possible*
Gulsen Y alt??
[06:29:19] MajorFreak  Gulsen Y on
[06:29:52] SeneschaI  Les Routiers & Ni Kao were on recently
[06:30:25] SeneschaI  Alex Olenard OFF
[06:30:50] MinorFreak  Madeleine Stoneheart on
[06:31:56] MinorFreak > quicklog
[06:35:20] paroboat > heretic martyr off
[06:36:55] MajorFreak  Jericho Wolf OFF
[06:37:40] MajorFreak  Mika Javonovich OFF
[06:38:20] SeneschaI  Les Routiers OFF
[06:41:43] SeneschaI  Salia Foxwell on
[06:41:51] Fiat Sophia  Ivan En'Vec OFF
[06:43:08] SeneschaI  Hanako Okanata on
[06:44:00] MajorFreak  Lord Soth3 SothEnterpri on
[06:45:39] SeneschaI  Khaleesi Kurvora on
[06:46:48] SeneschaI  Ni Kao quicklog possibly
[06:47:52] SeneschaI  eneman81 OFF (oh, boy, gotcha)
[06:48:26] SeneschaI  Hanako Okanata OFF
[06:49:02] MinorFreak  Shadowglyph on
[06:49:30] paroboat  Zkin Ursa on
[06:50:55] Fiat Sophia  Snorbett OFF
[06:53:06] Fiat Sophia  michael Rinah OFF
[06:55:32] SeneschaI  Ni Kao back on
[17:41:37] SeneschaI  Flandre Scarlette on
[17:43:02] SeneschaI  Les Routiers on
[17:44:20] SeneschaI  Paul Caruso Saken on
[17:45:32] SeneschaI  Choa Mein chaotic fandance
[17:46:42] SeneschaI  Farsight Kavees on
[17:48:47] SeneschaI  Zen Dad on
[17:49:38] SeneschaI  Macellarius Blood on
[17:50:14] SeneschaI  Slava Netik OFF
[17:51:50] SeneschaI  Zen Dad quicklog
[18:05:36] SeneschaI  Farsight Kavees quicklog
[18:05:52] SeneschaI  Macellarius Blood quicklog
[18:07:29] SeneschaI  Slava Netik fandance
[18:08:59] SeneschaI  Ni Kao on
Gegalfo Orti ... Daryl Shana alts? (possible for former)
Aniem Chulong alt?
Scooter Lee / Macellarius Blood alt?
Orpheliae alt?
Jujo Frasa alt?
[17:31:44] SeneschaI  Ni Kao on
[17:33:16] SeneschaI  Isedarken OFF
[17:34:23] SeneschaI  Aplysia Vejun on
[17:36:32] SeneschaI  Ni Kao OFF
[17:37:41] SeneschaI  Kerberos Overdog on
[22:48:00] SeneschaI Jujo Frasa OFF
[22:52:00] SeneschaI Ni Kao OFF
[22:53:00] SeneschaI Kerberos Overdog on
*kerby upgraded to possible*
[17:07:04] Kellen Shimaya on
[17:09:04] Ziosventra OFF
[17:10:04] Ni Kao OFF
[17:10:04] Atraxy OFF
Sergeji Harloff alt?
shazaaz Estidal alt?
Flandre Scarletto alt?
Jinx Sotken alt?
So today i wake up and spot an alliance evemail about some corp wanting entry into our alliance and i reply with a *fixed* version that has devatio's name in it as a confirmed spy (just because my intuition has linked ni kao, dave covey and devatio together) and then i go AFTER and check my corporate memberlist login tables and look who's logged in briefly after not being online for a goodly amount of time:

So i gave him a decoration i made years ago for corp spies and will boot him and his alt within 24 hours. No fuss; no muss...not even going to fratricide his characters since that can be used as troll bait in the next corp he targets.