Saturday, July 13, 2019

new look

Belter 49th Edition, Eve-O 5.0.0 & UI iteration
Red Letter Day

Since October, when i resubbed after 2 years hiatus, i've still been a part of that group i talked about last post.
I really lucked out with them...they've brought stability to low sec, specifically the areas i tend to call 'home' (albeit not fua constellation; i doubt we'll expand into there's pretty garbage as far as moon goo)

So...the new look. Well, first off i have "eve-o preview" to thank for that, otherwise i'd still be 1024* resolution and cascading windows - which forced me to have certain windows in certain spots on my UI which really played havoc with pretty much everything aesthetic and efficiency was shitty.

It's taken me this long to get rid of bad habits, visa vis the UI layout.

now the overview and local chat are huge compared - something i long envied the pvpers for, with my crappy resolution and cascading constraints.

now my customized overview settings have grown by leaps and bounds, with a dedicated chat channel ingame for my patchnotes, "lowsec overview"

eve-o preview, once mastered, is a boon for multiboxers like myself, who rely on one monitor (and a laptop. yay...if i could only teach my wife how to mine asteroids) you can see in that screenshot i have 6 paid accounts munching away at a huge spodumain field.

i have a youtube channel with uploaded playlists. it's interesting how my window UI layout has improved dramatically over the mk1, mk2 & mk3 versions i have uploaded by now.

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