Friday, October 12, 2018


about a month ago i resubscribed. why? *scratches head* it had been 2 years, and i had extra cash on hand. Cost about $200 CDN for 3 months for 4 accounts. That seems like alot but the motivation to go home to play over say going out drinking beer and scotch is saving me ALOT more than what i spent on the game. lol. that's like preventing me spending $25-50 an outing, so if it prevents me from spending $25 eight times in 3 months it's paid for itself. lol

i call eve online "a screen saver with a built in chat function"...i recently read a dev's comment about eve "welcome to eve. here's a rubix cube. go fuck yourself"

on that note, here are the new things since my hiatus that i'm pleasantly surprised by:

  • interesting recruiting videos in the stations. love it.
  • not sure about the silly plex breakdown.
  • definitely like the estimated price column in Assets window
  • ouch! almost a million isk jump clone fee? (might be an old thing)
  • no skill clones? (i think i remember that changing before i went on hiatus)
  • i wonder how many new items?  there's the porpoise new ship, other than that?
  • ammo loading now does the cooldown after loading the next round
  • omg new type of sound notification for full ore hold?!?!
  • moon mining sounds effing sweet for low sec mining
  • i love the new "balance" popup for wallet during any transaction
  • the new 'higgs anchor' rig is YUMMY
  • omg the fittings simulator!?!?!
  • drones on the endurance!?!? yes please!!!
  • new upwell structures allows one to circumvent jump clone cooldowns*
  • there's a new button next to 'dock' that opens up your items bay while in space
  • market ticker customizable
  • there's actually a new tab for mining ledger on the eve hud. wow
  • instead of captain's quarters it's now view outside station (not for npc tho. boo)
i think the first thing when i got back was get R&D cores from my research agents for my mains. traded them to alliance members for quite a pretty penny.
I kept an activity log of the major things i was doing on a daily basis, mostly housekeeping duties and gearing up teams of transports and mining ships across my usual stomping removing assets from places i really didn't go at all.
september 10th.  
grabbed my blockade runners from omam and went to ahala to pick up my ore mackinaws. 
sent senes to amarr to grab missing federation navy AB (cheap compared) and to find the best courier frigate (probably still amarr std frig)
september 11th.
went and got not only 3 endurances and kit but also 3 prospects, which seem to be better at ore mining 
sent everyone to grab stuff from arera back to bash
bumped an IAC "DD" crew in bash and scared them off...even spotted janus1 and 2, plus iac botting alt
preparing to send everyone to grab carthum database RP loot (looks like 2 years = 100k points each char * agent number)
sold all the datacores to alliance for 1billion
went to jita and grabbed prospect gear for low sec then everyone headed up the omam pipe to menri
between then and there looks like i concentrated on porpoises and expedition frigates
sept 24th
bought alot of expensive skillbooks at ney for minorfreak+seneschai, fueled by selling isotopes and fuel blocks
oct 4th
bought an occator plus gear (ended up having a DST for everyone at amod SOE)
oct 5th
reprocessed all my POS crap
sold all 4th tier PI crap
moved any capital construction stuff and minerals to amod SOE
geared up my deep space transports for low sec gate burns
sold mega surplus gear from amod that had become lucrative
sold some dysprosium from past siphon activity
bought a bhaalgorn, legionx2, scimitar, and a deacon
oct 7th
trying to figure out why, on oct5th, i bought some stuff that majorfreak now has in keri (by mistake obviously)
 -- ah, that must be for the occator! actually, senes' gasavak occator needs gear switch too
i might as well get the last siphon thief alt's dysprosium as well to afford that stuff, at jita
ended up doing more housekeeping after i got home - basically getting gear onto stuff i missed for 3 hours. lol
*old style gear on the expedition frigates in menri

My biggest changes were to leave Bashakru's ice field, cut my ties with ihavetenfingers, and join a low sec pvp alliance that i'd made friends with two of the members - mostly interacting with the carebear side.

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