Thursday, June 12, 2014


interesting how it's not the constant, relentless griefer attempts to ruin my corporation in it's infancy (of recruiting in this hell of CCP's idea for a social engine), but the inability for CCP to understand the complexity of the 'prospect' as a concept.

You see, the prospect, unlike the venture, lacks the staying power to repulse the minimal attempts to eject the miner from the asteroid belt (aka. providing enough offensive power to get rid of annoyances, when in groups, of rats and the random solo pvp bomber)

It's the leadership slot that enables mining foreman links in which the hopes of staying on the battlefield/asteroid belt lie. So in order to have viability the foreman must not only be able to tank a bomber/rats but take them out quickly AND provide warfare link ability...which means either BC, command ship or strategic cruiser skills.

So, until i can field a caldari tengu i'll be farting around with World of Tank and Rome II