Saturday, January 28, 2012

A day in the life

So at about 0600hrs eve time it's 10pm my time, and i'd called my GF as i usually do around then mostly every night. I told her i blew up some spaceships but was pretty much unproductive.

Ironically, today turned out to be an amazingly "productive" one. I woke up to the dulcet tones of the FC screaming for more people to join fleet and proceeded to witness a humungous battle...see below blog post. There's also a youtube video about it, here.

After that i did some ingame housekeeping and tried to refit a guardian logistics ship and an ishkur and then proceeded to go on roam after roam that night with 3-4 gangs and got on more kills than i've ever done.

1st gang engagement 1
1st gang engagement 2
3rd gang engagement 1

I'm starting to learn who the sucky Fleet Commanders are and will be avoiding joining their fleets. I find the lack of communication, the lack of repetition in orders, and mostly the plodding camper mentality that betrays a lack of motivation to obtain and retain 'intel'

Was fun and i really liked my assault ship, may it rest in peace, although i was attempting to make it better but the market and the gatecamps put a crimp in my worked okay until it died. I was so panicky when that happened i forgot to attack. lol. carebear instincts die hard. Anyways, the below is the loadout i want to get for it next time

[Ishkur, CumGetSum mk3]
3x 150mm Railgun II (Caldari Navy Iron Charge S)
Small 'Solace' Remote Bulwark Reconstruction
1MN Afterburner II
Faint Warp Disruptor I
Small Capacitor Booster II (Cap Booster 200)
Damage Control II
Small Armor Repairer II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Co-Processor II
2x Small Ancillary Current Router I

Friday, January 27, 2012

Come get some

Well, it was a good thing i lost my logistics ship couple days ago, because this morning i woke up on the sofa with the FC yelling for people to get into fleet. They'd just undocked Geddons&Guardians and warped to outgate when i fully woke up and relearned how to switch out my drone augmentor for a cyno (sans ozone) and remember how to undock. Personally, i'd have rather taken a shower at that point. Anyways, off i went and caught up to the main group as the FC was yapping about 200 people about to fight in our target system over a station (russians and -A- pets.) Since we were only 66 in fleet i figured we're gonna diieeee like last time, even though we had 2 triage carriers on standby. By the time we got their our ingate was clear and a huge fight was brewing on another stargate with subcaps. Our FC got us on the tail of an enemy blob and that's where we got most of our kills - apparently our logistics team bit the big one right away but me and my fellow armageddons were ignored for (apparently) bait low-sig-radius Tengus of our allies who had sniper tornados at range on the enemy being lured about. Once our guardians popped (no broadcasts from them nor comm chatter) our FC called for a cyno but the one triage carrier ordered in was primaried. Apparently, this new target lured the enemy away from close range to the Tengu group and allowed them to survive a bit longer. Soon after the carrier popped we were forced off the field because the enemy started getting logistics help and we lacked the numbers by then to overcome this.

So the picture above is when we whored onto -A- kills they were getting from putting a bubble up at the soon to be ex-russian station...We warped soon after to the wreck broadcasted and i think i got on a few more KMs. Then it was warp off time again for us until we warped back to undock to whore again on some carriers (i think i got a single shot off on one or two at most before they popped)...By that time -A- had cyno'd in their supercapital fleet and the station melted.

So there was nothing we could add so got warped off to outgate where i proceeded to ignore orders and madly looted. i only got faction ammo though because the good stuff had been swiped by more nimble craft.

Engagement on alliance killboard

Thursday, January 26, 2012

cluster fuck

After weeks of getting lost in null-sec space (Querious region) i'm finally getting the hang of things here...I've noticed my "unique skill set" is badly needed around here: Most FCs in this alliance don't have good intel on regular enemy gangs that roam our territory. I think it's the problem of "intel channels" where a smattering of rote messages really doesn't convey context at all.

Anyways, i finally got involved in a fleet fight out side of my experience with ACE--
[killboard of engagement]
first battle experience flying in logistics team. I learned some valuable lessons the hard way, in a battle that we couldn't win. We did a "leeroy jenkins" onto a gate held by an overwhelming force preventing our escape after we tried to attack a station coming out of reinforced mode in B-R5RB. The friendlies seen in the killmail were the force that arrived not 10 minutes later and chased the bad guys away...if only our fleet commander had kept his cool just a little bit longer we would have all made it out alive from O3Z5-G

Problem is our gang wasn't big enough, since my logistics team was only 3 others and i was voted squad commander. My biggest problem was misunderstanding the final order for "logi to warp in at 30km" and "get on your anchor" since i ended up approaching the really didn't matter much in the long run against such odds and their fits were for sniper anyways.
A friend in "ACE-- public" told me that the best logistic pilots
"the 30 km is so you can orbit, without being bumped, and so you can warp out with out bumping. Anchor orbit, 5-20 km, depending on what your doing, and where at. Might be a bit more or less. Have a logi channel to sort out the who to cap chain with. Normally you get the guy above & below. your job is the send cap down to the person below you, and keep the guy above you alive, since he is sending you cap. Use the watch list to track your anchor, orbit always and the next one is your cap buddy and the third is the guy sending you cap"
Anyways, to start from the beginning we formed up to hit a structure in red alliance territory and after getting promises for 6 logi and more than 30 geddons we left with half that amount. We got to O3Z5-G but never made it out of there. Our target system was "a bridge too far" as russians were blocking our exit, although thankfully they weren't probing us down. Why thankfully? well, it turns out our recon/intel/tackler team couldn't pour piss out of a boot without printed instructed on the heel. To add insult to injury, the only one talking on teamspeak was our FC and even fleet chat was empty of intel reports or "roger/copy that"
Sadly, this was the day i decided to switch my microphone program to my backup computer and i kept trying to use my main keyboard to key in to talk. ouch.

If it was one of IHaveTenFinger's fleets we would have never hired complete morons nor people whose command of english was poor. Not to mention firing anyone so incompetent they didn't know what "rolling SS" nor "ping/warpin points" were. We had recon ships and tacklers loitering with our Battleships/Logistics group like doofuses.

What i've been doing for the past day is exploring the area in Immensea region. Getting warpin points and spots for rolling SS, especially in o3z5-g. I'm in a very expensive covert ops ship that i think will avoid most gate camps i run into even in low sec.
[Helios, level4 cov ops]
'Smokescreen' Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher
Limited 1MN MicroWarpdrive I
Caldari Navy Small Shield Extender
Basic Magnetic Scattering Amplifier
Supplemental Thermal Barrier Emitter
empty mid--slot
Pseudoelectron Containment Field I
2x 'Halcyon' Core Equalizer I
2x Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
1x Warrior II

A friend in ACE-- public gave me a tip to help blow past gatecamps

"do the align+mwd+cloak in the direction that makes him turn the most that also takes the least amount of align time on your part. Perpendicular is better then making him turn 180 dergess if you get into warp faster. If you have nothing to align to for a warp out, he gets the align time working for him so pick your warp out, then wait till he is furthat away ,or his heading is away, then do the warp, mwd then cloak. Make a ss that has NO aligning needed, if your going to run the route a lot, and keep your people n places open so your not right clicking space trying to get out. Then you right click warp to ss, hit mwd then cloak or cloak + mwd; cloak then mwd, since you get a free cycle"

Hopefully that'll work wonders for my Viator fit too. *crosses fingers*
[Viator, smuggler]
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Experimental 10MN MicroWarpdrive I
Invulnerability Field II
ECM Burst II
Damage Control II
2x 'Halcyon' Core Equalizer I
2x Medium Polycarbon Engine Housing I


in other news, i'm getting my alt CEO in ordo ministorum to unlock all my bpos in Kourmonen so i can get them organized again. I'd gone inactive for a long time and when your corporate office can't pay bills everything gets put into 'impounded' and when you rerent the office everything gets shoved into 'division 1 hangar' which sucks if they're all locked down. there's 5 research stations in there and i have every single tech1 blueprint original (although only ship bpos up to cruiser) lying around. So, yeah, alot of 'voting' and waiting 24hrs to enable unlock using my CEO. 'Shares' in eve are a total pain in the ass.

I sure do have alot of assets lying around in my corporate hangars. wow. My main account is in a null-sec alliance and i'm making quite alot of isk running 'cosmic anomalies' in a -0.8 system. After this deployment in catch we're back to that area in Querious and i can start raking in the dough...course, i've also put up stuff on the market in null sec and i must say sales have been promising on meta MWDs and meta warp jammers

fleeting propulsion inhibitor
faint epsilon warp scrambler
limited 1mn microwarpdrive
experimental 10mn microwarpdrive
sisters core scanner probe
beta reactor control: diagnostic system
TE-2100 standard missile bay
hardwiring - inherent implants 'squire' pg2
hardwiring - inherent implants 'squire' cc2
hardwiring - zainou 'deadeye' zga100
hardwiring - zainou 'gnome' kza500 & 1000
hardwiring - inherent implants 'noble' zet300
hardwiring - inherent implants 'squire' ee2
hardwiring - eifyr and co. 'rogue' dy-1
hardwiring - eifyr and co. 'rogue' gy-1
hardwiring - zainou 'gypsy' kmb-25
hardwiring - zainou 'gnome' kxa1000
eutectic capacitor charge array [not so much]