Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rethinking base of operations...as in which npc corp i like

When i first started my corp i wanted to go with Theology Council and was sticking around my old corp's stomping grounds in penirgman. I slowly realized they didn't have any factories and shifted to Sarum Family, starting in Abaim then moving shop to Gosalav. At that time i believe i got into doing R&D for datacores with Viziam, and began doing missions for the level 4 agent from Ministry of Internal Order in Penirgman (mainly because there was a level 5 agent in low sec nearby i eventually wanted to risk)...plus i got really attached to Fua constellation.

I had an aversion to Carthum Conglomerates, mainly because it seemed cold and mechanical. Now? Well, let's just say i'm warming up to them big time for the R&D component...not to mention the numerous factories/refineries/repair services, and level 4 combat agents.
Pimebeka has some wonderful opportunities for level 1 through 3 agents...unfortunately, the corp doesn't have a nearby storyline agent.
Carthums storyline agents are located:
  • Bahromab - suckage
  • Atreen -suckage
  • Shemah - Asrios is pretty cozy for n00b carebears (multiple levels of mining agents)
  • Hadonoo - completely useless
Time to start recruiting.

reasonable things

So what do i think would be helpful not only for new customers but for bitter vets, with a view towards social mechanics.

1. the ability to "sort by" 'slot size' in hangar bays. I know when i first started the bewildering array of items was enough to entice me into creating my own corporation simply so i could rename my divisions based on slot sizes. Currently, i know all the modules, drones and ships by heart but a n00b will be confused whether the item he/she is looking at is a ship or is it a drone, etc?

2. a followup, how about sorting by meta level as well?

3. the ability to choose 'default hangar' to switch to when opening inventory, especially at station. I think at first a n00b will benefit by default seeing the 'items bay' when he/she first enters station, especially accepting a mission or enroute. It would benefit corp members by allowing them to choose to see a certain corp hangar upon docking, wouldn't it?

4. changing the fleet creation options so that checking none makes it an open fleet...not exactly sure how the current view option filters could sort things out but i've seen this sort of thing in NPC/n00b corps and it looks wonderful and doesn't look overused at all.
The 'application requires approval' has long been neglected and would be perfect for such a change.

5. allow the directors/ceo to set the 'default' overview settings selectable by members, showing [corp] tag for such in the menu.   I assume that using the current non-server-side storage of such we could have the option to load such templates akin to the current fittings manager style (possibly a new tab in the settings menu?)

1185) better control over office access rights
Keywords: corporation management, enablers
Notes: HQ, “Based at” and “others” is simply too few options 
7. When viewing 'station:information' windows have the 'agents' at that station appear in a 3rd tab beside, 'location' and 'services'

8. Add more colors/classes to the standings spectrum. just having 5 options doesn't cut it when spotting people in local or overview.

9. is there an option in overview that allows us to see only wartargets?

145) Separate D-Scan from overiwev setings (allow to change DS settings without touching Overwiev)
Keywords: pvp, ui
167) Make Dscan angle slider more UI friendly. Also add AUs to dscan.
Keywords: scouting, exploration, ui
183) Logout to character selection screen
Keywords: ui, launcher, client, character
220) Allow COSMOS missions to be repeated every 3-12 months.
Keywords: pve, missions
251) Remove the one time limit on datacenter missions, and replace it with a time limit similar to epic arcs. Expand the data center concept to cover tags or other items that have no current use.
Keywords: missions, sec status, new content, tags, tags4sec
254) Audio notification when ore hold is full or mining crystal depleted
Keywords: audio, ui
Notes: Nearly all other actions in game such as running out of charges or an asteroid being depleted announce themselves except for your mining lasers/strip miners deactivating due to a full hold or a mining crystal being consumed
373) Replace the configuration icon on the overview, drone bay, etc. with the gear icon.

Keywords: ui, icons
Notes: When teaching new players how to configure their overview or drones, I have to tell them to find the “little box of lines… icon… thing….” Why not use the same gear icon that is used to configure the chat window? Its a more descriptive icon and it would be more consistent to use the same icon for all configuration needs. Mock up image: http://i.imgur.com/1RpUZL5.jpg I also replaced the route-configuration icon because it looks better, and letters are not icons.

396) make nanite paste so that when a ship has it in the cargo it can still be loaded in orca / carrier

Keywords: nanite paste, carrier, orca

482) Replace acceleration gates with some small satellite thing that gives you the coordinates for the next pocket and make it possible to align to their destination coordinates.
Keywords: structures
Notes: Ships get way too often entangled by the gate and they are not even needed because every ship is capable of warp.

cruftbox reddit thread
Logi pilot here. Any chance we could see Hull Repair Drones in the future to save us a little headache on POS reps and roams?

20. raw recruits with zero roles can set corp bookmarks, chat freely in corp channels, see a member list (activity), see locations of all offices, see corp members in space on the map.* Can we at least have a restriction to roles for one, some or all of these please?
 [edit: role communications officer to delete corp bookmarks coded]