Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rethinking base of operations...as in which npc corp i like

When i first started my corp i wanted to go with Theology Council and was sticking around my old corp's stomping grounds in penirgman. I slowly realized they didn't have any factories and shifted to Sarum Family, starting in Abaim then moving shop to Gosalav. At that time i believe i got into doing R&D for datacores with Viziam, and began doing missions for the level 4 agent from Ministry of Internal Order in Penirgman (mainly because there was a level 5 agent in low sec nearby i eventually wanted to risk)...plus i got really attached to Fua constellation.

I had an aversion to Carthum Conglomerates, mainly because it seemed cold and mechanical. Now? Well, let's just say i'm warming up to them big time for the R&D component...not to mention the numerous factories/refineries/repair services, and level 4 combat agents.
Pimebeka has some wonderful opportunities for level 1 through 3 agents...unfortunately, the corp doesn't have a nearby storyline agent.
Carthums storyline agents are located:
  • Bahromab - suckage
  • Atreen -suckage
  • Shemah - Asrios is pretty cozy for n00b carebears (multiple levels of mining agents)
  • Hadonoo - completely useless
Time to start recruiting.

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