Saturday, November 29, 2014

Anatomy of a spai (vivisection)

A long time ago an applicant to corporation lost a mission ship to a pirate in Naguton during the recruitment process. At the time i was concerned not about the lost ship as much as the location. Something about the location sparked an intuitive suspicion this recruitee applying to corp was a troll (hoping to get the new CEO's blood pressure to explode) and for almost a year i've been patiently watching Devatio and Ni Kao (along with any alts connecting the two via employment records, including alliance at the same time, or dodgy killmails)

 The links have been very tenuous for a direct link to spy alts with Devatio (who gained entry to my corp) but have been growing more solid over the months to Ni Kao. Below is my notes on Ni Kao
devatio's killer in naguton

Sent: 2014.07.19 00:07
I've found your sleazebag.
He is at Sukirah IX - Moon 7 - Kaalakiota Corporation Research Center station in the Sukirah system, Mobit constellation of Domain region.

right when shoryn decides to finally start ice mining - after i begin going on hiatus for shogun 2 in a serious way
matt mccullough paradiso alt?
Alex Olenard ... Madeleine Stoneheart alts?
Les Routiers alt? (oh...helloo...possible grade now. 9 min spread)...upgraded to probable!
aphex window ... Bakuhz alts?
Morgan Davaham alt? upgraded to possible*
eneman81 alt?
Sara Schwade alt? upgraded to possible*
Dutch Marsden alt? upgraded to possible*
Gulsen Y alt??
[06:29:19] MajorFreak  Gulsen Y on
[06:29:52] SeneschaI  Les Routiers & Ni Kao were on recently
[06:30:25] SeneschaI  Alex Olenard OFF
[06:30:50] MinorFreak  Madeleine Stoneheart on
[06:31:56] MinorFreak > quicklog
[06:35:20] paroboat > heretic martyr off
[06:36:55] MajorFreak  Jericho Wolf OFF
[06:37:40] MajorFreak  Mika Javonovich OFF
[06:38:20] SeneschaI  Les Routiers OFF
[06:41:43] SeneschaI  Salia Foxwell on
[06:41:51] Fiat Sophia  Ivan En'Vec OFF
[06:43:08] SeneschaI  Hanako Okanata on
[06:44:00] MajorFreak  Lord Soth3 SothEnterpri on
[06:45:39] SeneschaI  Khaleesi Kurvora on
[06:46:48] SeneschaI  Ni Kao quicklog possibly
[06:47:52] SeneschaI  eneman81 OFF (oh, boy, gotcha)
[06:48:26] SeneschaI  Hanako Okanata OFF
[06:49:02] MinorFreak  Shadowglyph on
[06:49:30] paroboat  Zkin Ursa on
[06:50:55] Fiat Sophia  Snorbett OFF
[06:53:06] Fiat Sophia  michael Rinah OFF
[06:55:32] SeneschaI  Ni Kao back on
[17:41:37] SeneschaI  Flandre Scarlette on
[17:43:02] SeneschaI  Les Routiers on
[17:44:20] SeneschaI  Paul Caruso Saken on
[17:45:32] SeneschaI  Choa Mein chaotic fandance
[17:46:42] SeneschaI  Farsight Kavees on
[17:48:47] SeneschaI  Zen Dad on
[17:49:38] SeneschaI  Macellarius Blood on
[17:50:14] SeneschaI  Slava Netik OFF
[17:51:50] SeneschaI  Zen Dad quicklog
[18:05:36] SeneschaI  Farsight Kavees quicklog
[18:05:52] SeneschaI  Macellarius Blood quicklog
[18:07:29] SeneschaI  Slava Netik fandance
[18:08:59] SeneschaI  Ni Kao on
Gegalfo Orti ... Daryl Shana alts? (possible for former)
Aniem Chulong alt?
Scooter Lee / Macellarius Blood alt?
Orpheliae alt?
Jujo Frasa alt?
[17:31:44] SeneschaI  Ni Kao on
[17:33:16] SeneschaI  Isedarken OFF
[17:34:23] SeneschaI  Aplysia Vejun on
[17:36:32] SeneschaI  Ni Kao OFF
[17:37:41] SeneschaI  Kerberos Overdog on
[22:48:00] SeneschaI Jujo Frasa OFF
[22:52:00] SeneschaI Ni Kao OFF
[22:53:00] SeneschaI Kerberos Overdog on
*kerby upgraded to possible*
[17:07:04] Kellen Shimaya on
[17:09:04] Ziosventra OFF
[17:10:04] Ni Kao OFF
[17:10:04] Atraxy OFF
Sergeji Harloff alt?
shazaaz Estidal alt?
Flandre Scarletto alt?
Jinx Sotken alt?
So today i wake up and spot an alliance evemail about some corp wanting entry into our alliance and i reply with a *fixed* version that has devatio's name in it as a confirmed spy (just because my intuition has linked ni kao, dave covey and devatio together) and then i go AFTER and check my corporate memberlist login tables and look who's logged in briefly after not being online for a goodly amount of time:

So i gave him a decoration i made years ago for corp spies and will boot him and his alt within 24 hours. No fuss; no muss...not even going to fratricide his characters since that can be used as troll bait in the next corp he targets.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Great Ice Depression

I predicted, back on Oct 4th, that isotope prices were going to crash. That day has come, and regardless of the New Trailer and bannage of the ISboxer (something i knew was bannable the instant i heard about it) the price will never again be as high as it was in summer.

Blog Banter # 60 - Corp Fratricide redux

With Phoebe about to land, CSM Minutes now out, and more of CCP Seagull's vision from Eve Vegas it appears CCP has a bold roadmap, is making big changes, and is willing to take a hit in the short term to see it through. What do you see as the measurable signs that will tell us that they've succeeded? What outcome will we see as players? Is it concurrent player count or something else? BB60
  The measure of success will simply be the attack on the statistic released during fanfest about the number of character who solo mission in npc corps.  I believe that CCP will 'succeed' at gaining playerbase by removed the ability to freely attack fellow corpmembers, since they already have a system to replace it (the 'duel popup')
Removing that roadblock to new players joining corporations upon the very simple fact a huge majority of players get turned off this game by the incredible ease of which griefers ply their trade...those that survive have a good chance of narrowing their gameplay to mere solo missioning in npc corps.
You see, it's not the challenge griefers want - it's the easy no risk ganking they are addicted to. remove that and the griefers will simply find another venue inside EVE to exploit with little risk to themselves; remove that and corp fratricide by awoxers and safaris will still happen but on a more reasonable scale, with consequences for the griefer.
The biggest deal here is the little known fact that corp fratricide raises no flags so neutral RR can aid an awox/safari with concord protection from reprisal.

  The concurrent play count is obviously my measurable sign.
The other measurable sign will be more actual n00bs forming and joining corporations without the ability of the parasites to plunder willy-nilly.
Oh, there will be risk of course, there's no getting around that, especially with the current shabby state of affairs that is the corporate mechanics...
Did you know that a rank and file member just hired can not only read and reply to alliance mails, create corporate bookmarks, see corporate kill mails (even to npc entities), but to also see corporate standings to other entities, AND be able to see the activity level of every single member?!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Back in the game ballsdeep Chapter 2: Missions

Level 3 SOE agent operating out of Simela is my base of choice for missioning, currently.
I have a Paladin piloted by my 'main' highest SP character.
This is probably a good time to talk about the specialization of alts and how that compares to Jester's Trek entry about such things.

As a player who's never dabbled in capitals (other than a rorqual that keeps docked, mostly) I have found that having 4 alts is just about perfect...anything more is gravy/redundant.
My 'main' characters on my 'alt' accounts have specialized into their own niches simply because of the way CCP has coded the mechanics, over time.
Currently my 'main' on my main account is the triggerman (or woman in this case) flying the major DPS boats
My primary alt 'main' is my leadership boost character (also the one who flies the rorqual & orca)
My secondary alt 'main' is my exploration/industry character (also the one who flies the freighter & noctis)
My tertiary alt 'main' is my light hauler character (deep space transport)
So, for myself, i find Jester's Trek blog on the topic to be irrelevant, since i really only have 3 'mains' and the rest are fluff...
The only reason i have more than 3 accounts is because Ice mining is such a low maintenance gig that more is better, especially nowadays.

So the ships in fleet for missioning are Paladin, Damnation, Noctis and Impel.
I used to fly in 3 remote repping battleships, but with the micro jump drives things become...well, alot more streamlined. Not as much DPS but the time on target goes way up when sniping.
The paladin head into missions and microjump together to snipe points after launching MTU.
I have the damnation with leadership links orbiting the station or stargate.
I have the noctis in combination with the mobile tractors, dropped by the paladin in each room...noctis goes in after the mission to the temporary corporate bookmarks.
The DTS (impel) is docked and launched in case the paladin needs to refit on the fly for different drones, ammo, propulsion or whatnot - this saves the paladin from having to carry supplies, including the mobile depot necessary for the refitting.
Fairly simple system.

My 'main' has the refining skills so with the new system i can easily separate the things that i should sell later at a hub (i trade back to the impel pilot to keep in his items bay) and refine the rest - i sell the tritanium, pyerite and mexallon immediately. The rest i'll keep for building materials.

Mordus Headhunters 765k isk (2492 loyalty) plus 706k bonus (2 rooms, plus initial gate) [370m3 loot]
Retribution (serpentis) 271k isk (997 loyalty) plus 282k bonus (1 room, plus initial gate) [65m3 loot]
Cargo Delivery (serpentis; pickup) 297k isk (841 loyalty) plus 265k bonus
Smuggler Interception (serpentis; pickup) 371k isk (1414 loyalty) plus 357k bonus (2 rooms-blitz 1st, mtu one of the transport wrecks, then gank 2nd room*, plus initial) --  [n/a loot]
Duo of Death (blood raiders; pickup-use mtu)146k isk (402 loyalty) plus 150k bonus (1 room, plus initial) -- [n/a loot]
Intercept the p.smugglers (serpentis) 308k isk (1033 loyalty) plus 361k bonus (1 room, plus initial) -- [75m3 loot]
Smuggler Interception (serpentis) 436k isk (1414 loyalty) plus 411k bonus (2 rooms-blitz 1st, mtu one of the transport wrecks, then gank 2nd room*, plus initial)
Eliminate the Pirate Campers (angel)  185k isk (568 loyalty) plus 191k bonus (1 room) -- [n/a loot]
The Rogue Slave Trader (1of2; blood; pickup-use mtu) 212k isk (579 loyalty) plus 215k bonus (1 room) -- [n/a loot]

*-mwd propulsion needed

Friday, November 14, 2014

[EVE Online] One Man Crew

The Vargur fitting at 41:18 (presumed)
exact link to 41:18
Learned a few things, since my lack of experience has left me bereft of the skills needed to fully comprehend the video. Pretty close to understanding the benefits of overheating, drone targeting, transversal and manual steering. I think i'll stick to watching vids and copying the fits of those i admire, although i'll try to use EFT to see if i can fit more reasonably cost version (although they might be actually worth the expense) is the modified fitting with the bonus of 2 heavy NOS but that came at the cost of a meta4 DC instead of tech2

[Vargur, Blood of Gods]
Internal Force Field Array I
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
Federation Navy Co-Processor
Federation Navy Co-Processor

Large Micro Jump Drive
X-Large Ancillary Shield Booster, Navy Cap Booster 400
X-Large Ancillary Shield Booster, Navy Cap Booster 400
X-Large Ancillary Shield Booster, Navy Cap Booster 400
Dread Guristas Warp Scrambler
Stasis Webifier II

800mm Repeating Cannon II, Republic Fleet Fusion L
800mm Repeating Cannon II, Republic Fleet Fusion L
800mm Repeating Cannon II, Republic Fleet Fusion L
800mm Repeating Cannon II, Republic Fleet Fusion L
Heavy Diminishing Power System Drain I
Medium Energy Neutralizer II
Heavy Diminishing Power System Drain I
Bastion Module I

Large Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II
Large Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II

Warrior II x5
Hammerhead II x5
Nanite Repair Paste x100
Navy Cap Booster 400 x81
Republic Fleet Fusion L x1000
Barrage L x1000
Republic Fleet EMP L x1000
Republic Fleet Phased Plasma L x1000
Hail L x1000

The implants were a crystal set, and i've modified that to take advantage of the fit (MR-705, EM-805, SS-905 and a WU-1005)

BTW, here's the myrmidon fit at this point in the video. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Back in the game ballsdeep Chapter 1: P.I.

Okay, i made a few planetary interaction posts a while back that were just plain confusing. What i hope to accomplish now is beyond me, but i like pretty pictures and i know you do too!

One day a couple weeks ago i realized my silos (storage facility) were slowly filling up with level 1 commodities, and decides, who the fuck cares and fiddled drastically with one of my alt's extractor heads to see if anything would explode.

The below pictures are the current result for one of my alt's planets:
‎October-‎26-‎14, ‏‎21:20:53 PST [DST]

‎October-‎28-‎14, ‏‎6:58:27 PST [DST]

‎October-‎30-‎14, ‏‎18:23:07 PST [DST]

‎November-‎05-‎14, ‏‎8:30:08 PST
So what started out as a 11,000 surplus of Reactive Metals has shrunk by approx 5000 units over a period of 9.5 days, or 22.2 units per hour. Meaning it'll take another 11 days to drain the surplus of Reactives. I refreshed the extractors each time i took the screenshot, btw, so it's not an accurate summation of a 14 day cycle, but close enough to an average lazy person's maintenance of said colony.

Too bad we couldn't damage them using DUST514 characters, eh?

This is good news because i was afraid, if i fiddled with the balance of extractor heads, i'd overcompensate and ruin a good thing. Apparently you can completely fuck with your extractor heads in order to siphon off the surplus in the storage facilities (aka "silos" as i like to call them)

As a followup i'd like to track this particular planet for it's average output of Mechanical Parts - currently 3.62 units per hour - then i'd like to see what sort of distribution i should have for the other fuel block ingredients so i can efficiently create blocks without having too much surplus of ingredients. That would be cool.