Sunday, February 26, 2012

the envelope

sales for my null sec market attempt are very slow right now since the alliance Degrelle invited me to join has 'deployed' to another region farther out than last month's deployment. I'm assuming that since i'm catering to the "quick, gotta outfit right now but can't find the best item i'll go with what i can get" crowd they tend to be herd creatures by nature and obviously without us being based out of our 'home' system my sales suck right now. Either that or i spent alot of isk on stuff i'll never sell.

goodbye 96% efficiency
well, the day was going fairly well for contant roaming gangs which i ended up getting sucked into throughout the morning, afternoon and evening. Things went okay and i was in an interceptor, an assault ship and finally a battlecruiser (which i lost above)

i've dabbled in planetary mining, null sec markets, bought fuel block BPOs and medium sized rig BPOs, plus explored wormholes. quite a pushing of the envelope this month.

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