Thursday, November 28, 2013


okay, for a venture in fleet with two miner tech2s (and a mining upgrade in low) and a 40 second duration (orca) and 200m3 per cycle per module (mindlink) say you only mined 'scordite' and 'pyroxeres' (basic kind) that gives ~175 isk/m3.

So that's 6.3m isk/hr

If you sold the ore straight to buyers at amarr (oris) you would make a bit less...

49.08 isk/unit pyroxeres (in an hour you could have mined...120,000 units) ...selling ore straight would make you 5.889,600 isk

23.78 isk/unit scordite (240,000 units) in an hour that would be 5,707,200 isk

i'm fairly sure the changes to ores in odyssey haven't been reflected in changes here ...for a long time.

Arkanor gives 10,000 tritanium as a bonus(instead of 300);  Biston gives 12,000 pyerite as a bonus (instead of 170);  Spodumain gives 71,000 tritanium and 9000 pyerite (instead of 700 and 140 respectively); Crokite gives 38,000 tritanium (instead of 331); Dark Ochre gives 25500 tritanium (instead of 250); Gneiss composition changed dramatically: 3700 trit (from 171), 3700 mex (from 171), 700 iso (from 343), unchanged zydrine (at 171)...although, has it become garbage all the same?  Hedbergite gives 290 pyerite as a bonus (unchanged otherwise); Hemorphite gives 650 trit (from 212), 260 pyerite, 60 mexallon as bonus.

Jaspet, back in the day, used to be total shit but now it looks fairly respectable.

Actually, since is so outdated (and absolete) there is a better site for ore now:

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