Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fozzie's official it just fluff? a troll?

So, EVE does have a rich story but we don't have any plans on making a single player game out of it. It is, at its core, a multiplayer game. It's about this shared experience together. Sometimes, players will play on their own entirely. Sometimes, they'll play sometimes with other people. But even when you're playing alone, you're still in a world that's shared with all these other people. And everything you do, every time you shoot an NPC and make some money, every time you buy some ammo, all that is affecting everyone else and that adds a lot of depth to it. It just wouldn't be the same game if it was a single player game.
So if they understand that, they might just understand there are different playstyles of equal business value to them.
There's another blurb (in their facebook 'about' section) that sounds positive, and which i find optimistic:
War, Industry, Socializing, Exploration... These are the 4 major aspects of EVE, and serve as the foundation for our virtual world.
Although, the  achiever type seems strangely to be now 'industry'...are they? is a missioner considered "industry"? Is a miner an achiever? Well, certainly not the laid back kind like myself. lol. hmm.  Well, that's besides the point really since the above quotes are impartial nonpartisan ways of viewing eve-online (not simply the oversimplified world of hard core combat pvp)

problem is, is this spiel simply window dressing and that the line "the core of this game is pvp [combat]" means all players are born equal, just some are borne more equal?

another quote from the same interview:
Will you ever allow us to build stargates? It would be pretty interesting to have systems that will require you to build an exit yourself. 
"Yes, yes, we definitely will. That's something that has been announced by our senior producer as early as our last Fanfest and we reiterated that that our vision for the future of the game includes allowing players to build major projects together. One of those projects will be player controlled and player built stargates. I'll say that the result of that may not be what people expect. They may not take the form that people expect, but yes, we are definitely working on in the future allowing people to build stargates. 
The last changes in corp industry roles were very nice but there is one more step to go: Corp Hangar! How about a private tab where a member can share access to BPOs without letting everyone take them? Such a tab could be limited by role assignment. Better yet: A section of your private hangar that allows "view" access to other corp members. 
Yep, so a better way of allowing people to use your BPOs without having control to take them is something we've been thinking about for a while, and is definitely something that we would like to do. Um, I can't say for sure exactly how that implementation is going to work, but it is something we definitely want to do, yes. "
 basically, that works currently as having 'view only' access to certain corp hangars based on roles. now, whether Fozzie understands this or not is besides the point - they're looking to enlarge that ability in a way that would definitely please me greatly.

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