Monday, April 14, 2014

commitment issues for CCP

"Not to bash on anyone caught in the middle of these events, but I just want to point out that CCP always, always display some serious problems with delivery:
- bringing Eve to beta was grueling.
- after five years in development and a helpful hand from Sony, Dust was far more broken in beta than it had any reason to be.
- eight years in development, and yet WoD had some many open high level issues, with hardly anything concrete to show for.
- As much as it pains me, Valkryie is giving all the impressions to be going the very same route. You can't just keep saying for years over how great the game could be if you implement it one way, or perhaps another way, or perhaps even a third one. At some point you must commit to one of them and go for it.

CCP is bad, bad, bad at making these decisions and the result is that the teams of yet-to-be-delivered games waste way too much effort implementing stuff just to have all the code thrown away.

Compare WoD to Pillars of Eternity, just to name an example that is on top of my mind. Development team of comparable size, budget of comparable size, scope comparable to Baldur's Gate, and yet they intend to deliver the game between two and three years total." ~Anon commenter

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