Wednesday, June 16, 2010

offline for Tyrannis

been offline since april 20th. Starving student stuff. I should be online sometime this summer. Not really looking forward to it...i had all my blueprints locked down in kourmonen system's many laboratories, plus one tower (thank god only one) in Amod. I assume the innards were popped for loot by (most likely Ghost Festival) long ago. It'll be a pain and a half just dealing with the tower, blueprints, and impounded stuff. might even lose out on office slots in naguton, and possibly even Deepari. eeeps.

The lost blueprint research times will hurt, as well as the lack of skills training. But, meh, whatever...i'm sure by the time i can afford eve-online time Starcraft2 will be out.

I'll be curious as to the social environment of Fua Constellation. Hopefully someone able to maintain stability will be present, or have presence. If it's really bad i'll probably consider popping off a resume to Evolution. haha...wouldn't that be funny to hear SirMolle's voice again...what, it's been like 10 years or so? sheeesh. One thing for sure, i wouldn't be able to tool around "playing house" like i've been doing with this [one-man] corporation of mine.

I doubt fua will be buzzing with planetary governors. At least i bloody hope someone's doing the weeding. lol. bah.

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