Monday, August 29, 2011

online again

yah back online! first thing i did? cash in all those datacores for about 260m isk. I've been out for 16 months and if you do that math the income sucks, but it was free and the final tally isn't bad.

second thing i did was train new skills. My main character i've had since march 2004 is getting really close to 50m skill points spread all over (i have ~240 skills)

third thing i did was breeze into Fua constellation and spotted some salty dogs in Naguton. that was comforting, knowing the neighbourhood hasn't gone to pot.

fourth thing i did was realize i'm 40m isk shy of grabbing a 'capital ship' skill way for me to get it is run missions out of Nakri. But, i heard agents got boosted so i might consider moving closer to Fua. time to go agent searching. oh crap, they didn't 'boost' it as much as 'nerf' agents...I've lost alot of locate agents i relied on as well as some lvl4 agents for sarum. It's not world ending, but it sure ruins the flavor...Nakri is still mission hub of choice for Sarum NPC corporation.

Fifth thing i did was swear, because i've forgotten the names of most things on the market and some solar systems give me vertigo

Sixth thing i did was realize i need an Orca more than i need Muffy to train Capital Ships. Which means i'm thinking of resubscribing my other two accounts and get back into the game full time...unfortunately for me i've already paid upgrade fees on 3 different romance related sites. Can you say "Time Management"?

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