Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Homecoming...out of null

Well, i certainly learned alot about how to live in 0.0
The only reason i left was my surprise at how nomadic null sec life really is.
I packed up shop and moved most of my nullsec market stuff, and jump clones to H-ADOC at the far end of the curse region pipe. Hopefully i can sell almost a trillion isk worth of sell orders.

Back in high sec now, mining ice in Gosalav. Prices on ice and minerals have really changed since i was last active.
2009-Amarr mineral/ice index
2012-Amarr mineral/ice index

Within 2 weeks of returning broke and with hardly any ships (compared to what i'd been required to produce in null) I've suddenly been able to afford an Orca, 2 mackinaws, the expensive parts for my Rorqual (clone vat bay and capital shield booster),

I'm training up some ganker alts to take care of macrobotters at the ice belt. It's a nice quiet belt and hulkageddon hardly knocks there - and i'd like to keep the riff-raff away so it doesn't attract attention. Ah yes, making friends and enemies in high sec. lol
[Catalyst, Hulkageddon mk0]
8x Regulated Light Neutron Phase Cannon I (Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S)
Passive Targeting Array I
Initiated Harmonic Warp Scrambler I
3x Linear Flux Stabilizer I
Small Processor Overclocking Unit I
1x Hobgoblin I

Planetary Infrastructure is my new focus, since R&D agents got nerfed. I'm going to try and produce fuel blocks for sale by having most of my 4 accounts (yes, i got a new account last month)...to that end i've decided to set up shop in either Khopa or Fahruni

Since CCP coded in 'corporate' bookmarks i'm painstakingly distilling most of my bookmarks into the allowed slots.

Also moving most of my blueprint copies to amod SOE station...sadly i'm forced to use the corporate 'based at' privilege as an extra security measure against theft (since i need both a station to store BPCs and another station to store valuable non-blueprint stuff)

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