Monday, August 6, 2012

Assimilation vs Accommodation

so, do i blindly ignore what has come before and trundle into the future not realizing what's REALLY changed?
Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it;
those who fail to learn history correctly – why, they are simply doomed.
First off let's begin with two moronic quotes from dumbass devs.
"The current mining frigates will not be losing their mining bonuses in Inferno 1.2, and we do not plan to leave people without entry level mining options." ~CCP Fozzie
"If the appropriate bay is full, the module/drone will deactivate as normal, and excess ore is lost." ~CCP Masterplan
 both dead wrong, both in the past, the present and the future.
Let's tackle the next hurdle....what actually CHANGED for mining barges?

hulk losing 531 hull hp
gaining 787 armor hp
gaining 681 shield hp but the resists are all screwy
the hulk didn't have that bad of an increase in recharge
the signature radius didn't increase
the ore hold increased by 1000m3 since last i uploaded pics
mackinaw gains a low slot
gains 72 cpu
gains 1464 structure hp
gains 130 sig radius (effectively doubled)
gains 1512 armor hp
gains 1819 shield hp
shield resists all screwy tho
recharge more than doubled (bad)
the ore hold increased by 3750m3 since last i uploaded pics
skiff was massively boosted...only really scary thing is the recharge got nerfed HARD.
the ore hold was nerfed down to 15000 since i last uploaded pics

covetor, retriever, and procurer

how about the shield tank for the hulk all the carebears are whining about? how much was it really affected from this iteration to the next? The fittings haven't changed so it's easy to test (same implants; same skills, except shield management 3 on the test server; same rigs; same modules)
 old hulk

and how about mining rates? in the old system i preferred the hulk because of the best tanking and best cargo space (i tended to go afk alot) with an output of 13.28m3/s; I'd switch out to a mack with full mining modules when i was able to sit for extended periods without losing focus and get 18.81m3/s output.
In the new system i'm using the mack for a tanked afk machine (50% tougher than the old hulk) with an output of 12.16m3/s; I switch to a hulk with max mining mods/rigs (although only lvl4 exhumer) for an output of 19.08m3/s.

*-note: all fits and output calculations assume ice harvesting

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