Saturday, August 4, 2012

My bookmarks

needs no introduction:

excellent guide to gunnery mechanics

guy to watch is CCP Dr.EyjoG
his latest forum posts are here:
(bottom of page 3 and top of page 4)
his blogs (special attention QEN):

jester's trek blog is very informative, especially on quirks of the economy

here's a handy cheatsheet for Planetary colonies:

here's a guide to increase faction standing:
here's a cheatsheet to boost corporate standing:
here's a decent to run amarr COSMOS

here's a cheatsheet if you have astrometrics V

here's the old tried and true regional ore grid

here's a guide to invention

want to know who's who with blue status?

want instant intel on a character, his corp, his buddies and hidden corp stats:

mission cheatsheets:

want to browse markets eve wide:

how to locate people via ingame tools:

and my humble eve-files directory:

NPC damage types

ECM jamming calculator
for a manual formula

Turret and Launcher visual recognition

moon mineral reaction calculator

2007-2012 null sec sovereignty video

and how can i forget DOTLAN? just google it. lolz

what you can make from salvaged materials:
what bits are needed for rigs

some really excellent databases (Loyalty pts, wormholes, etc)

free spreadsheets

cheatsheet for implants

invention calculator
invention database

data centers. are they worth it?

the nerfed datacore Research agent calculator

the excellent Rooks and Kings videos (clarion call2) (iron clad) (clarion call3) (battlereport)

EON magazine's isk guide

a very cool (refine or sell) 3rd party tool
another one, much simpler

data on mission running profitability

recent CCP data on isk faucets/sinks

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