Saturday, August 18, 2012

now for something completely different


Sometimes i get carried away with ranting and forget the wonderful stuff CCP has done for us over the years that really have improved the game in ways i think help retain new customers, not just old...things that just jump out as really necessary for a sense of immersion.

Two of the biggest were the "flying through planets" fix, and the addition of autopiloting to station dock. There was also corp bookmarks, and corporate fittings, plus a horde of other really cool stuff.

I try not to get too mad that corporate roles are still in beta-stage. Something i think too many bittervets take for granted that frustrates the new players and people trying to include new players into the social engine that really isn't that user friendly. ooops there i go ranting about 'factory manager' stuff again...It's just that CCP Unifex crowed about eveonline being a "social engine" which got me riled up.

*sigh* I love this game. it's super fun. Watching the alliance tournament was thrilling, even if i had to cringe pretty much constantly at the socially inept dweebs hosting and commentating. Way too much ego to go around. I forget how i got the impression CCP soundwave is a "douchebag" during all that.

All i know is that i get to play an astronaut in space. I also know i love mining asteroids. I love mentoring n00bs and i love sharing stuff with others as long as i can have a modicum of security for said stuff (like blueprints i've worked on for years)

on that note here's a few videos i think all new players and prospective customers need to see:
 butterfly effect ("sandbox"...except context is completely pvp)
 new player experience (includes chatter about "risk")
"The rewards for exploring the universe scale with the risks you're willing to take"
 introduction to missions (has tangents about incursions and wormhole anomalies)
 large scale fleet action
 incursion back story
 corporate espionage
hopefully, CCP make a CDIA about mining and industry to complement their CDIA - missions.

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