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Kudi's Datacenter exploited...finally

Because i've never had the resources, the time, nor the willpower, i've been putting off going to a "data center." What's a data center? There's systems where there's a bunch of agents in space you can strike up conversations with and accept missions - requiring only pirate dog tags - they give you empire standings, but if you can't gather the dog tags before the mission expires (in less than a day) you're screwed.
Event Agents located at Data Centers offer a one time agent mission that will give Faction standing for a number of pirate tags. Data Centers are deadspace locations found at beacons in high-security 'Empire' space. There are twelve Data Centers total with three Data Centers for each of the four major Empire factions, Caldari, Minmatar, Gallente and Amarr. (Amarr share theirs with the Ammatar and have more agents total.)
I'm finally in a position where throwing mad cash at a problem IS finally an option, so armed with notes from DeMichael Crimson's threads and handy "faction standing repair plan", along with eve-central's database, along with eve-files to grab screenshots of jita markets, a knowledge of eve's map and how to get where fast and safe, plus lots of spare time with two alts i 'got busy'. I decided to focus solely on direct standings gains for amarr and not worry about adding in derived standings...kept things rather simple and orientated on "blood raiders" dog tags almost exclusively.

data on corp/faction boost is derived from the repair plan notes
Kudi level 1 agents
  • Nikmar Jyran 3 sansha copper tag Rewards 2.86% corp and 1.0% faction standings boost.
  • Selate Kalami 20 blood bronze tag Rewards 5% corp and 1.5% faction standings boost.
Kudi level 2 agents (corp/faction standings 1.0+)
  • Jur Zehbani 20 blood silver tag Rewards 10.0% corp and 3.0% faction standings boost.
  • Subin Barama 20 blood brass tag Rewards 7.0% corp and 1.65% faction standings boost.
Kudi level 3 agents (corp/faction standings 3.0+)
  • Timafa Esihiz 20 blood palladium tag Rewards 16.67% corp and 5% faction standings boost.
  • Hatia Madase 20 blood gold tag Rewards 22.40% corp and 6.72% faction standings boost.
  • Odoosh Teroul 20 blood electrum tag Rewards 1.38% corp and 0.41% faction standings boost.
Kudi level 4 agents (corp/faction standings 5.0+)
  • Matna Meri 20 blood crystal tag Rewards 14.7% corp and 4.5% faction standings boost.
  • Juki Khoun 20 blood platinum tag Rewards 29.1667% corp and 8.75% faction standings boost.
  • Urat Mehrekar 20 blood diamond tag Rewards 23.80% corp and 7.14% faction standings boost.
all except Nikmar Jyran are Ministry of War agents (amarr faction.)  Nikmar is Amarr Navy. (amarr)
There's a courier mission to be had as well by an Khanid faction agent, Sevan Fagided

In Ferira system, Taspar Zolankor (amarr navy) is Nikmar Jyran's counterpart there. (3 sansha copper)
In Polfaly system, Demi Lazerus (amarr navy) is Nikmar Jyran's counterpart there. (3 blood copper)
The other data center agents are either Khanid faction or Ammatar could get a synergy boost to amarr action from running missions for the latter, but that's beyond the scope of this blog entry.

data on corp/faction boost is derived from the repair plan notes
Sansha Copper Tags (lowest sell 2.9m isk; hundreds on market) 9.7m isk for +1% amarr
Blood Bronze Tags (lowest sell 7.5m isk; less than a dozen on market) 150m isk for +1.5% amarr
Blood Silver Tags (lowest sell 0.6m isk; hundreds on market; high volume) 12m isk for +3% amarr
Blood Brass Tags (lowest sell 0.8m isk; hundreds on market) 16m isk for +1.65% amarr
Blood Palladium Tags (lowest sell 0.9m isk; thousands on market; high volume) 18m isk for +5% amarr
Blood Gold Tags (lowest sell 10.7m isk; hundreds on market) 214m isk for +6.72% amarr
Blood Electrum Tags (lowest sell 0.2m isk; thousands on market; high volume) 4m isk for +0.41% amarr
Blood Crystal Tags (lowest sell 0.3m isk; hundreds on market) 6m isk for +4.5% amarr
Blood Platinum Tags (lowest sell 1.3m isk; hundreds on market) 26m isk for +8.75% amarr
Blood Diamond Tags (extremely low price; thousands on market; high volume) peanuts for +7.14%

I ended up buying a shittonne of blood diamond tags for dirt cheap, 20 blood crystal and platinums for my main, then 80 blood electrum (for 4 of my characters)...after that i flew around eve universe snatching up as many cheap blood palladium tags as i could as well as brass and silver tags @200k isk each (all three types were around that price)
My goal was to get my main 20 tags of each of the level 4 agents, 80 of the level 3 and level scrabbled a bunch of sansha coppers tags if they were cheap enough but the sansha were low priority since i'd really rather find out how to go about gathering copper tags by myself from rat loot.

one of my characters was just shy of effective standings 5.0+ so here's the sequence:
number at end of link is base standing
initial standings upon entering kudi's datacenter 3.92
palladium 3.99
electrum 4.02
copper 4.13
silver 4.20
crystal 4.26 (after relogging)
platinum 4.56
diamond 4.64
copper (polfaly) - doh! didn't get pic
copper 4.83 (ferira)
brass 4.88
certificate (kudi)
certificate (polfaly)
certificate (ferira)
choonka's request 4.91
quelling the insurgency 5.00
That was pretty cool. went from 4.89 effective to 5.80 effective in a few hours. (social 4)
I found that the khanid kingdom certificate missions don't give derived standings to Amarr. boo
I also found that the numbers between the "repair plan" and the actual boosts weren't matching up...although i'll add a caveat that my math sucks
for example: the palladium mission gave +1.1963% to one character and +1.1975% to another (both social 4); the diamond mission gave +1.5508% to both; the electrum gave +0.5711% to one and +0.518% to another. I'm sure i'm missing some complex formula that explain why the numbers are so off from the "repair plan" numbers. 
the certificates referral was for Arizam Gimit in Lossa so off i go to do the "Quelling the Insurgency" 5 part mission seqence...

I found that the best deals were blood brass, electrum, palladium and silver. the copper tags also (because you only need 3 each for those agents)...if you have effective amarr standings of 5+ there's the very cheap and numerous blood diamond, plus grabbing a set of crystals tags won't hurt too much. Platinum is a bit pricey but worth it - giving the highest boost of all the dog tag missions.
The ones to avoid are bronze and gold.
Here's what i was paying for dog tags this week:
sansha copper  ~2m isk
platinum ~1.2m isk
brass ~900k isk
silver ~700k isk
crystal ~500k isk
palladium ~200k isk
electrum ~150k isk
diamond ~50k

Blood Bronze tags down to 4m isk

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