Monday, August 27, 2012

home...was it a random choice?

"Some say a man's home is his castle. For others it is wherever they lay their hat. The concept is just as nebulous in the New Eden sandbox. 

In EVE Online, what does the concept of "home" mean to you?" ~BlogBanter39
Fua and Hoosa constellations. If an eve player can name a constellation that usually means they're familiar with the location. I don't know why i've always hung around here...I've got a few ideas and guesses why...ones I hope aren't in foolish naivette of the riches awaiting elsewhere.

oh wait

There are riches elsewhere. Riches in farming faction warfare; enormous profits to be had in wormholes just a deep core scan probe away; ridiculous amounts of isk to rake in through null sec upgraded anomalies.

Why do I like mining ice in Gosalav, Hoosa constellation, Domain region, over the years? Why did I reject null sec play on grounds it felt too nomadic? Why do wormholes cause me to break out in hives?

I guess it's because I like a place i can call home...forever.  But why Hoosa and Fua constellation? I really ought to be based out of Aydoteaux (did i spell that right?) system in gallente space so I could fuel that type of tower which is the best for moon mining.

I had an idea back when I started and that idea was an attempt to roleplay (yeah, go ahead and laff) a Warhammer 40k theme and the Amarr faction was the best fit. I even made my1stwebsite to that effect. I wanted to based out of Theology Council stations exclusively and try to be very much like the strict eve roleplaying corps of the day...Alas, that NPC entity lacks factory services. I couldn't decide for a while between Sarum Family and Ministry of Internal Order. I think I decided that MIO sounded very dull indeed.

I used to haul electronics parts from Aliastra stations in Fua constellation to Sasen constellation for sale and buy polytextiles from Ishukone stations there for sale to the former NPC corp in Fua. It was risky and I got to learn about pirates and how to sneak by them during the week and mine ice in Gosalav on the weekend in a max cargo rigged hulk.

Nowadays, having maxed out my Sarum Family standings for refining, I run missions for that "dull" NPC corp, M.I.O. because they not only have a level 5 low sec combat agent (like i'd ever risk doing that. lol) but access to the first agent in the level 4 Amarr Epic storyline arc. Not to mention a really nice collection of agents in Penirgman, along with an 'event' agent (storyline) located in their station.

And finally i have Fahruni system (in Fua constellation) that I goto for ore mining and planetary interaction.

I've learnt a bit more about scanning (learning more ways to move probes about beyond just dragging on arrows; 'alt'+drag and "plane" dragging) so i think i might try my hand at scanning down exploration and wormhole sites in low sec Fua constellation.
But, I don't think i'll ever leave home.

So why do I consistently reject all temptation to turn nomadic? I'm supposed to be a Bartle "Explorer" mmog personality type...Aren't they supposed to wander the universe nosing into everything? Maybe that's the Type-A brand of Explorer. I'm the couch potato brand. lol.
But what is the concept of home? I've read some of my fellow bloggers opinions and it seems I'm a rarity to stay in on spot all these years (even during that year of null space I still called Gosalav home) so I'm a bit hesitant to lay forth a concept of home being some place that fits a player's original intent for plunking down $$$ for that initial subscription beyond the trial account.
Guess i'll say it again: Home in eve is the place that fits a player's motivate for subscribing to this mmog.
I suppose one could apply that to other contexts in other blogs to see if this hypothesis can eke out their motive for playing eve, if i may be allowed that conceit.

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