Sunday, October 21, 2012

going inactive

one assumes the developers know how the players use the mechanics of their game. This game company, like most MMO companies, have consistently disabused me of this fantasy. It's gone too far though...they're making too many changes to too many things in this game that are simply cosmetic in nature and for all the wrong reasons...without the transparency one would expect.

It's been...what? since 2003 i've waited for this company to fix the 'gang' (corporation) mechanics. That's 9 years hoping i would be able to enjoy this game in the company of others without this nightmarish system where corporate spies and thieves are able to operate with impunity. The handicaps coded in for CEOs are hopelessly paranoiac if one is even able to form one and survive.

I have so much more in life to spend my time on than a screensaver with a built in chat function. I've always - always - enjoyed mining asteroids in pixelated outerspace. I'm finally sick of Eve's just...well...there's too many griefers who have locked their lips onto developer arseholes. I've seen this pattern before, and the n00bs are told to harden the fuck up.

Meh. i think DUST is going to kill this game. This high stakes risk isn't going to pan out for this idiotic, egotistical company. It's what killed Netdevil's "jumpgate" oh so many years ago. Elitist pricks sucking dev dick + outside investment in a failed vapourware game.

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