Friday, August 17, 2012

Opening up the blueprints

There's two reasons i created a corporation. 1) to have lots more item bays to shove my crap in so 'assets' window is ship shape and Bristol fashion 2) that all the blueprints i've collected and upgraded over the years can be shared for use with others as early as possible in their eve career in OMNM.

Both those reasons are why i'm reluctant to leave or merge my corp with another...Sadly, CCP has seen fit to neglect their duties rather signally, in fact, when it comes to allowing corp espionage to be committed with such ease. The loopholes are staggering, and the interface not at all user friendly when it came to knowing about corporate security and then finding work arounds to the glaring issues.
 There's not a month that goes by where i don't mourn the loss of Ubiqua Seraph. I personally never believed that crap about "we were hired to assassinate" and saw it just as another opportunity to grief realized randomly in this "social engine" of a game. I find it slightly disgusting CCP gloats over this yet did absolutely nothing to tighten up the mess that are corporate roles, in their "social engine" of a game.

What have i done to allow myself the freedom to throw my crap in corp hangars and on the other hand open up my valuable blueprint for corporate use as early as possible to industry n00bs?
  • On the one hand i've needed to handicap the "based at" hangar access privileges - i'd like nothing better than to allow corp members to rent their own office and be "based at" and thus have full access exclusively to that station's corp hangars. unfortunately, i need two stations that aren't included in the "other" category (there's only "other", "hq" and "based at") for my stuff. Why two? one for my personal factory location with upgraded blueprint copies and lots of ingredients to make stuff, the other is my personal piggy bank of toys.
  • On the other hand i've allowed early access to my blueprint original collection in all 5 stations locationed in Kourmonen (they all have public laboratory services)...There's a half decent work around to making this secure: in order to start any factory/laboratory job you need only 'view' access to the blueprint hangar. So, by limiting players access to "other" offices hangars to view only they can play with manufacturing and research to their hearts content without worrying they're going to make off with ur stuff. Then, if you limit 'take' access to just one corporate hangar (i call this "loot/industry") hangar, corp members can put input required in the process to that hangar and select that hangar for where the output will be. Sadly, i need to give these corp members "factory manager" which allows them to not only start and finish jobs but cancel can see the potential for abuse clear enough. If only CCP would give the role of starting a job to "rent factory" and "rent lab" roles and isolate "cancel job" to the directors/CEO (just like it's only the director/ceo who can unrent an office)
There's another facet to corporate 'roles' and that's the very aesthetic "title management" which allows me to group roles under certain titles that i'm allowed to name. I chose a religious overtone to my corp simply cuz i adore Warhammer 40k (although i'm not religious in real life)

the actual role descriptions for "station services" and "general" are not only cryptic, counter-intuitive and badly outdated...they're also FUBAR. plus ccp has a habit of fixing what ain't broke.

DEFAULT rights given at join:
  • they can view "corp members in space" on the eve map under "my information" tab  
  • they can put stuff into any corporate hangar even if they can't view inside anything  
  • they can see the "standings"tab in corporate neocom panel  
  • they can see the members list which shows the "last login" of all corp members  
  • they can send corp wide evemails
LAYMAN roles given:
  • "Layman wallet division" (can give and take isk to and from said wallet division)
    ACOLYTE roles added:
    • "Query" rights for the loot/industry hangar - allowing members to view inside but not take
    • Auditor general role given which is pretty much useless redundant and stupid. yay
    DEACON roles added:
    • "Query" rights for all but the last corporate hangar (security)
    • security officer station services role 
    • starbase defense operator and starbase fuel technician general roles.
    PRIEST roles added:
    • "Take" rights for the loot/industry hangar.
    • "Query" rights for the security corp hangar
    • Rent office/lab and Factory manager station services roles 
    • Personnel, Communications and Junior Accountant general roles
    BISHOP roles added:
    • "Take" rights for all but the last corporate hangar (security)
    • Trader station services role
    • Contract, Fitting and Diplomat general roles
    CARDINAL roles added:
    • "Take" rights for the security corp hangar
    • Rent Office  station services role
    • Config equipment and Config starbase equipment general roles
    SUBDIRECTOR roles added:
    • Station manager station services role
    • Accountant general role
    • access to all the divisional wallets

    errata and clarification of the official descriptions:
    1. trader allows access and view of the "deliveries" tab in inventory. also allows members to purchase things using corp wallet (it will appear in the 'deliveries' tab)...does NOT give access to the "corporate orders" tab in market.
    2. security officer does NOT allow "access to corp hangars" NOR does it allow viewing of the "deliveries" tab (new feature; moron ccps fiddling with redundant shit)
    3. communications role also enables the "settings" option in corp chat. It also enables "add/edit/delete" corporate bulletins. This role allows member to 'trash' corporate emails and delete corporate bookmarks.
    4. junior accountants can see the corporate wallet settings tab and toggle buttons but there's no ability to save/submit changes. yay. Junior accountants can NOT see the "corporate orders" tab in market (nor the 'assets' tab in corp panel.) But, this role does allow 'view' of the "deliveries" tab (items will be 'greyed out' and cannot be taken).
    5. personnel manager enables use of the "find member in role" tab (useless garbage) and view only of of the "role management" also enables a member to create/award decorations.
    6. stack all and manual stacking not enabled for 'view only' corp hangar access rights. neither is 'repackage'
    7. rent office role doesn't give the ability to unrent an office. (that's exclusively a director/ceo right) 
    8. station (audit) containers/cans are useless, crippled and downright frustrating. do NOT use them. 
    9. accountants aren't able to see corporate shares regardless of the popup saying that role is's only available to the directors/ceo. They also need access to wallet divisions for this role to be effective. Accountants can also view the "assets" tab of the corporate panel, and see the Corporate orders in market.
    10. Directors/CEO can unrent offices, see corporate kills/losses (in "wars" panel), edit the corporate "details" (although only the ceo can edit the hangar divisions), vote to (un)lock BPOs (although only the CEO can complete), kick members and access the role&title management panels (although only the CEO can toggle director role)

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    1. default corp role allows one to see the wars----kills/losses panel