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Planetary Interaction

My goal is to be self-sufficient for Amarr Fuel Blocks (to power starbases) by making them completely from scratch.
  • MajorFreak (lvl4 skills)  3 mechpart colonies and 2 robotics colonies
  • MinorFreak (lvl4 skills)  3 mechpart colonies and 2 robotics colonies
  • Hereticus (lvl4 skills) 3 mechpart colonies and 2 robotics colonies
  • Seneschai (lvl4 skills) 3 mechpart colonies and 2 robotics colonies
  • Kour Moan'n (lvl3 skills) 2 mechpart colonies and 2 uranium colonies
  • Kour Moanin (lvl3 skills) 2 mechpart colonies and 2 uranium colonies
  • Kour Moanen (lvl3 skills) 2 mechpart colonies and 2 uranium colonies
  • Cheru'bael   (lvl3 skills) 2 coolant colonies and 2 uranium colonies
Over a week, based on 900,000 isk import taxes, 2000 mechanical parts were imported to replace that which was consumed in reactions to make robotics (i only have one commodity to import.)
Now, i had 4 characters with lvl4 Command Center Upgrades skill having such a reaction going on two plasma planets in Fahruni. This meant that over a week's time period i exported 600 robotics, or an average of 0.89 robotics per character per hour.
Ideally, an Advanced Industry Facility is supposed to make 3 units per hour...But, although i have enough Mech.Parts stockpiled at each colony i only have enough pwr/cpu to run a second Advanced Industry Facility along with the 4 Basic Industry Facilities to keep the former making Consumer Electronics.
So, in my case since the optimal scenario is 1.5 robotic units per hour, therefore i'm running (averaged over a week) at 60% practical efficiency - or 30% ideal efficiency assuming perfect input for the robotics reaction (which isn't possible at lvl4 and i doubt lvl5 would be able to handle that)

Would i benefit from running 2 mechanical parts and 2 consumer electronics colonies to feed a planet dedicated to importing both and exporting robotics? Well, honestly, i wouldn't really be doubling my robotics exports because i'd only have one robotics colony. I would however be able to export consumer electronics surplus...theoretically (of course mech parts are approx 20% more lucrative.)
currently, over a week's period i have roughly 4400 mechanical parts, before imports.
  • MajorFreak (lvl4 skills) = 890 mech parts exported
  • MinorFreak (lvl4 skills) = 785 mech parts exported
  • Hereticus (lvl4 skills) = 700 mech parts exported
  • Seneschai (lvl4 skills) = 925 mech parts exported
  • Kour Moan'n (lvl3 skills) = 370 mech parts exported
  • Kour Moanin (lvl3 skills) = 365 mech parts exported
  • Kour Moanen (lvl3 skills) = 360 mech parts exported
  • Cheru'bael   (not running mech parts)
 If i used up all 600 robotics into fuel block production i'd need 2400 mechanical parts too. OOOPS
Well, alrighty then!
So, basically, after that stream of consciousness, i realize i've hit upon the perfect formula - haven't i? I really am not creating any surplus of Mech.Parts.

Now, i have 4 alts with lvl3 skills creating Enriched Uranium on 2 planets each (the plasma planets)
  • Kour Moan'n (lvl3 skills) = 475 uranium exported
  • Kour Moanin (lvl3 skills) = 460 uranium exported
  • Kour Moanen (lvl3 skills) = 340 uranium exported
  • Cheru'bael (lvl3 skills) = 435 uranium exported
I'm simply not making enough enriched uranium to keep up with the demand. If i boosted the Kourmonen alts to lvl4 command center upgrade could i switch Cheru'bael to full coolant colonies? I think it's possible, although currently i only export 340 coolant a week so double that isn't nearly enough for the 4800 needed to make 600 fuel block runs (I'm sure my setup is well below optimal for the coolant colonies though.) That's for another time though...for now i have surplus oxygen and coolant from when NPC stations sold them.

Besides, going by the previous blog entry it would take 25 hours working my team over a week (that's just over 3.6 hours a day) mining 3600 icicles to keep up with my 'potential' exports! If i could though, that would mean 600 runs of fuel blocks producing 24,000 actual blocks worth 372m isk (not including the vast amount of surplus ice products to the tune of approx 568m isk)...and going by the previous blog entry, i could run 3 large towers and 1 medium tower to take advantage of increasing my profit. Assuming that i ran 4 alchemy jobs (1 neo mercurite and 3 others involving cadmium as a consumable - dysporite, ferrofluid, and promethium) for a week that would give me 6720 units of each moon product. What's that worth?
  1. Neo Mercurite 134.4m isk
  2. Dysporite 61.9m isk
  3. Ferrofluid 48.7m isk
  4. Promethium 31.1m isk
okay, so realistically, i seriously doubt that anyone would want to run anything but a Neo Mercurite alchemy setup on a medium pos. It just doesn't make any sense to do otherwise...Although running a large pos set up wouldn't lower one's profits below simply selling the blocks themselves (and in fact would become more profitable the more isotope prices fell...but i don't think they will much further)
  • ICE - If i just mined 3600 icicles without any PI or POS stuff i'd make 779m isk
  • BASIC - Coolant 4800 @ 7526isk = 36.1m; Uranium 2400 @ 7670isk = 18.5m; H.Water 180000 @ 79.45isk = 14.3m; H.Isotopes 1080000 @ 672.2isk = 726m; L.Ozone 90000 @ 431.25isk = 38.8m; MechParts 2400 @ 7100isk = 17m; Oxygen 12000 @ 182.15isk = 2.2m; Robotics 600 @ 57110isk = 34.3m; minus 14.34m in import/export taxes equals Grand total = 873m isk straight up sales
  • BLOCKS - Ice product surplus sales of 568m isk; 24,000 blocks worth 372m isk ...minus 14.34m in import/export taxes equals grand total sales of 926m isk
  • ALCHEMY - Ice product surplus sales of 567.7m isk; 20640 surplus blocks worth 320m isk; 6720 neo mercurite units worth 134.4m isk. (minus 3.6m for mercury replacement); minus 14.34m in import/export taxes equals Grand total = 1004m isk
I'll be using my command center as the conduit between my 'extractor control units' and my 'basic industry facilities'...i tend to avoid splurging on 'storage units' because they use 700 pwr (which is an incredible amount.) I'm testing on Sisi whether placing a storage unit between the basic facilities and the advanced may collect surplus, but i doubt that (better to test it though to make sure)
A lvl2 command center gives +9000 pwr, lvl3 gives a total of +12000, lvl4 total of +15000
  • Extractor control units -2600pwr
  • Basic industry facility -625pwr
  • Storage unit -700pwr
  • Adv. industry facility -700pwr
  • Spaceport -700pwr
My usual setup that i believe optimal is 2 extractors, 4 basic, 1 advanced and 1 spaceport like so:
note: you don't have to fly to the planet to install the command center - just be undocked insystem

The setup cost is 4.25m isk for the above structures.
The interesting this about the links is that on a smaller planet the links can go down to 15 between structures in the exact same setup as above. Radius of the planet has an affect, and i wonder what other effects i'll spot.

The above picture also shows a rough and ready extractor head layout (default) and we need to fix that good and proper:
Ionic extractor head setup followed by Aqueous extractor head setup
That's the easy part, if you can believe it...the hardest part is the clickfest that is very much like POS reaction mechanics. I took the time to make an animated gif of the process
And that's just for COOLANT, which is a Tier 2 product which costs 900 isk per unit to export to the orbital custom's office.

For reference, Warfdalic's retriever would mine 345.6m isk in scordite in 25 hours
[Retriever, Warf-solo]
Damage Control II
Mining Laser Upgrade II
Mining Laser Upgrade II
Limited Adaptive Invulnerability Field I
Modulated Strip Miner II, Scordite Mining Crystal II
Modulated Strip Miner II, Scordite Mining Crystal II
Medium Semiconductor Memory Cell I
Medium Semiconductor Memory Cell I
Medium Semiconductor Memory Cell I
Acolyte I x5

Type      HiSec  LoSec  NullSec  W-Space   Total  
 Gas       3042   1783     8485     6372  19,682  
 Barren    3252   1712     8070     6101  19,135  
 Temperate 1222    607     2929     2242    7000  
 Lava       916    570     2830     2089    6405  
 Storm      772    499     2320     1796    5337  
 Ice        482    289     1391     1072    3234  
 Oceanic    459    284     1259      933    2935  
 Plasma     247    148      620      474    1489  
Shattered     0      1        6        2       9
planetary production for eve spreadsheet
rarity and location of planets
planets and their commodities
production grid

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